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  • What is Gamerpro?
    GamerPro is where mobile gaming meets winning real cash. We host tournaments where you can play games and win money. It's all about making gaming more fun and exciting!
  • How can I participate in Gamerpro tournaments?
    Download the game, make an account, and you're in! Aim for the top scores to win part of the prize. The more you play, the more you can win!
  • What games can I play at GamerPro?
    Right now, you can play Bricks&Balls. But we're always adding more games, so stay tuned for updates!
  • How do cash prize tournaments work?
    Get a high score and you'll win part of the prize money. Simple as that!
  • How is the prize pool split?
    The top 50% of players get a piece of the prize. The better you score, the more you win. And don't worry, it's all fair and square!
  • What fees are in GamerPro tournaments?
    You pay a small fee to join. This fee makes the prize pool bigger. If you win, we take a small cut. Want to take your money out? There's a fee for that too. But if you use your winnings for more games, no extra fees! We tell you all the fees upfront, so no surprises.
  • How can I get my winnings?
    After you win, the money goes to your GamerPro account. Want it out? Go to 'Main Menu,' hit 'Amount,' and pick how you want your cash. Just know there's a $10 minimum and a fee for taking money out. Or use your winnings for more games and skip the fee!
  • Can I move my winnings to other platforms?
    Yep! You can transfer your winnings to our partner betting sites and get special bonuses. We're always adding more partners, so keep an eye out for new deals!
  • How do we keep games fair?
    We use smart tech to stop cheating and keep things fair. Our team watches the gameplays and kicks out cheaters. We're all about making games fun and fair for everyone.
  • Do bigger prize pools mean bigger individual prizes?
    More players make the prize pool bigger, but not your individual prize. That's because more people win. But if everyone spends more, both the prize pool and your potential win get bigger!
  • Can my rank change during the tournament?
    Yep! Your rank can go up or down depending on how you and others play. So keep playing to climb up the ranks. Every game matters!
  • Is Gamerpro safe and secure?
    You bet! We use top-notch security to keep your info safe. No funny business here.
  • Do I need any special equipment to play?
    Nah, just your mobile phone and an internet connection. That's it!
  • How do I know if I've won?
    We'll notify you right in the app and the money will show up in your GamerPro account.
  • Can I play with friends?
    Of course! Invite your mates and make the game even more fun.
  • How often do tournaments happen?
    All the time! There's always a new game to join.
  • How do I get in touch for help?
    Hit us up on our 'Contact Us' page or shoot an email to We're always here to help you out!
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